Bibles & Rainbows & Planets & Kings

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Del Norte Baptist Church: 5800 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA
Sep 12 2023
Mar 26 2024
Bibles & Rainbows & Planets & Kings

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Unit study fun! Grow character in your students with godly character trait based themes. Unit studies integrate all subjects, hands on activities use all the senses, discovery learning creates critical thinkers, multi-level learning builds families.  Integrated into each unit, science and social studies, art and music, great literature and  reading, health and safety, and Bible.This includes drama, research, reading (individual & family), writing & many other projects.  Obedience (fall) begins with (1) Authority & Light, sources, behavior, color & rainbows, lighthouses, God’s light, (2)Horses: History, uses & art, breeds, mule & donkeys, tack, training, styles, care, cowboys & trails, brands, cowboy tools, famous cowboys & ranches, cowboy cookout; (3)Kings & Queens, kings of history, costumes, feudalism & the manor, training of a knight, King Arthur, heraldry, Tournaments, Castles, life, Medieval Feast ending the semester. Orderliness (spring) begins with the (1)solar system/seasons; calendars, gravity, centrifugal force, (2) classification of plants & animals, collect, classify & preserve plants, trees, moss, bacteria & algae, (3) Rock collection & identification, types of rocks and much, much more! 

Students will contribute miscellaneous items throughout the year. Most are common household items.

Students will be required to use and access Google Classroom weekly. Grades and other materials will be posted there.  


Families should plan to purchase (but is not required)  the curriculum each semester if you plan to extend this at home. Remember, we get out of things what we put into them.

Timelines: $20 (These can be used over & over for years)

Fall: Timeline & characters $85

Spring : Timeline & characters $85


K-8th grade (could easily adjust for older students)

Contact: Marsha

[email protected]


Class dates

09/12/2023, 09/19/2023, 09/26/2023, 10/03/2023, 10/10/2023, 10/17/2023, 10/24/2023, 10/31/2023, 11/07/2023, 11/14/2023, 11/28/2023, 01/09/2024, 01/16/2024, 01/23/2024, 01/30/2024, 02/06/2024, 02/13/2024, 02/20/2024, 02/27/2024, 03/05/2024, 03/12/2024, 03/19/2024

Additional services and fees

Location Fee $38.00


Participants must currently be in grades kindergarten to 8.

Registration period

Registration starts on 05/01/2023.

In-person location

Del Norte Baptist Church: 5800 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA

Room: 230

Registration closed.